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It is important they are kept up to date to ensure the details are correct, the photograph is a current likeness and that licences in circulation contain the latest security features to protect against fraud.'Appearances can change and it is important that the Police and other enforcement agencies have the best possible photograph to help correctly identify drivers.

This helps prevent driving licence impersonation - stopping disqualified and perhaps dangerous drivers taking to our roads.'Correction: Originally in the article Direct Line incorrectly said that by 2015, paper driving licences will be phased out and all new drivers will be issued with photo-card licences.

You can’t register your new address on your British driving licence.

Contact the driving licence authority in your new country of residence.

If the car fails to meet any of these requirements, the examiner will point out the problem, and will give you about 5 minutes to fix it, failure to fix this issue will result in the driving test being terminated and you losing the test fee.

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New licences will be issued for free by the DVLA after you have provided the requisite information.Additionally, if you move house and don’t inform the DVLA of your address change you could land up to £1,000 fine.According to the DVLA website, it doesn’t cost motorists anything to update their name or gender status or address on their licence Updating your licence information can be done online using the V5C vehicle log book via the website.Holding an out-of-date or otherwise invalid licence does not remove your entitlement to drive but further action, including the possibility of a fine, can come about if you need to show your licence to a policeman, hire a car or commit a driving offence abroad.You can change your driving licence address online -although you’ll need a Government Gateway ID, an account which you can use to log-in to a range of online government services that need authorisation.In some cases you can reclaim as much as 50% of the costs.


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