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His concern was that grief can have a negative physiological effect. So for the first year of widowhood I saw him regularly. Both of these extraordinary doctors are now enjoying active retirement.

On month thirteen he pronounced me in good hands with my counselor and said he wanted to see me on my usual pre-grief schedule. And I am so grateful they retired after I was no longer in distress.

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Our mission is to be a catalyst for unprecedented human unity, progress, and fulfillment.

After the dust of the funeral had settled I made an appointment with Dr. He had cared for my husband long before I was in the picture so he had experienced his own loss with Pat’s death. Then he prescribed an unusual regimen for me: he referred me to a psychiatrist who specialized in loss.

Then he said he wanted me to come in every month to see him for a check-up.

Even though we have dozens of affiliated companies, people are our biggest resource – and our greatest asset in providing excellent customer service to our customers.

That’s why our Supply Management Services group makes sure our agents and associates get the best quality products and services, at the best possible cost.


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